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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Grace in Dying

This is the title of a phenomenal book I have just finished reading. It is the most comprehensive, compassionate book I've read on the physical and psychospiritual stages of the journey from life in this form to life beyond what we call death. I borrowed the book from the library but my own copy is on its way via Book Depository! The author, Kathleen Dowling Singh, also has a website with many articles, downloads and details of her work. Click here to go to it.

A quote from near the end of the book sums up so much that is significant to me and features often in this Blog:
"Grace is the common thread linking dying, contemplative practice and spiritual growth. The essential unity of dying, contemplative practice and spiritual growth is becoming increasingly apparent."
Certainly my own contemplative practices over the years have been the core of my spiritual growth - and more and more I see that dying is not just something that occurs at the end of physical life but a process and a practice of continual letting go and letting be.