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Friday, February 28, 2014

Crochet and consciousness!

I'm reading the latest issue of Parabola. In an article by Ram Dass he describes a talk he gave many years ago to a group of young, hippie explorers about altered states of consciousness . In the audience was a  woman about 70 who wore a hat with "little fake cherries and strawberries and things like that on it. …She wearing black oxfords and a print dress, and she had a black patent leather bag. I looked at her and I couldn't figure out what she was doing in the audience. She looked so dissimilar to the rest." Ram Dass goes on to say that this woman was nodding and looking as though she related to what he was saying, so afterwards he went to speak to her.
"She came up and said, 'Thank you so much. That makes perfect sense. That's just the way I understand the universe to be.' And I said, 'How do you know? I mean, what have you done in your life that brought you into those kinds of experiences?' She leaned forward very conspiratorially, and she said, 'I crochet.' And at that moment I realized that people arrive at spiritual understanding through a much wider spectrum of experience than I ever imagined."

I just loved this! I am reminded once again - make no assumptions. Many times in my own work with people I have encountered the  "unlikely looking people" being the ones who teach me most about depth and sacred discovery in their spiritual journeys.

(PS: I don't wear hats with fake cherries and I don't crochet … but I am an 'about 70' spiritual explorer - and I knit!!)