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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three kinds of generosity

I am challenged by this quote about three kinds of generosity:
"We can consciously develop the quality of generosity. The Buddhist scriptures speak of three kinds of giving. Step by step, they point the way to increasing happiness by opening the heart. The first is known as "beggarly giving". Perhaps you have something in your closet which has been gathering dust for eons and, after some deliberation, you finally decide to pass it on. Even though it is clearing space for new clothes, you still feel a twinge of concern that you might need it someday yourself. The second kind of generosity is called "friendly giving". You have enough of something you value, or it wouldn't really hurt to let go of something you enjoy using, so you give it to someone. This giving is rather fun and easy with no feeling of sacrifice. The most noble generosity is called "kingly or queenly giving". You give what you prize highly even if it is a sacrifice on your part. It's the kind of generosity I've seen in some cultures when I've traveled. I learned quickly not to admire objects or articles of clothing, because no matter how poor the owner, I was likely to be the immediate recipient."
Awakening to Joy James Baraz & Shoshanna Alexander