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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Friday Walk

I went for a leisurely meditative kind of walk this morning, glad for a sunny day after cyclone Ita's rampage yesterday. I soon came upon trees in Long Bay regional park that had been battered by the storm. Five of them had been stripped, scarred or broken off in the wind.

As I wandered round the roped off area and took some photos an elderly local man joined me. He surmised that the rangers would cut down the whole group of trees. "Well" he said, "it's a process... life, growth, aging, decay, death and re-cycling. All the elements will be returned to the earth. Nothing wasted." I said that was an apt Good Friday/Easter theme: life, death and new life for us too. "My wife believed that," he said rather wistfully as he wandered off.

Another symbol greeted me as I walked back down the drive at home:
New life growing out of a drain surrounded by concrete. Nothing wasted!