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Saturday, May 17, 2014

White Water Rafting

As I said in my last post I'm doing a bit of a "retrospective" look though past journals and poetry.
This is a poem I wrote in 1995 - but I still like it and identify with it!
As I think about the date I wrote this, I realize that it was just six months before my brain aneurysm so the "next challenge" was bigger than I anticipated when I wrote!


White water rafting in the caverns of my soul
terrifying, exhilarating -
this is no time to analyse
just hang on and go with it.

Hold the sides of the boat and lean into the curves.
No jumping out or going back now
No use trying to grab the solid looking rocks
that flash by - to hold onto them would mean
being wrenched out of the boat and left behind.

It's dark in these underground caves and
no way of knowing what is around the next bend.
Shooting the rapids one minute
Gliding calmly the next - the trick is
to be alert and fully aware of each moment.
All one's energy is focussed on just that -
Being alert for what each moment requires:
Holding on in the rough patches,
Relaxing and drawing breath when possible,
Ready then for the next challenge.

The river determines the route and the destination
This is no highway with multi choice exits.
The Guide gives instructions:
"Hold on, lean right, let go, bail..."
And I? I am committed to the river and the guide.
Trusting them, I will emerge into the light,
And in retrospect would not have missed the journey!

Sheila Pritchard
13 December 1995