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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greatest enemy…?

I was struck by one sentence in an article on leadership I was reading this morning (thanks to Prodigal Kiwi Blog):

"When Nelson Mandela was liberated after 25 years of imprisonment by apartheid regimes, he made this confession: “My greatest enemy was not those who put or kept me in prison. It was myself. I was afraid to be who I am.”"

"I was afraid to be who I am" is the phrase that is ringing in my ears… and when that happens (i.e. a phrase really strikes me) it is time for some reflection in the time honored  Lectio Divina style of asking: Why did that phrase strike me? How does it relate to my life and growth? What might God be asking/inviting me into? Lectio Divina is certainly not a process limited to reading the Bible.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Alphabet for World Peace

I've mentioned the Charter for Compassion before in this Blog. This poster was featured in the newsletter I received today.

"As a mixed-media artist, Debi Strong has created works with the intention of encouraging kindness, connection, compassion, and peace for our world. Most of her art includes a significant percentage of recycled materials in the form of magazine papers, re-purposed fibers, and found objects."

Click here to see other great examples of Compassion around the world - including a NZ example!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Science and religion

If this topic interests you and you have 18 minutes to spare watch this YouTube of a TEDx talk by Michael Dowd. It is entitled Reality Reconciles Science and Religion. I have heard talks by Michael Dowd and his wife previously and appreciated their perspectives and the intelligent way they present them. The Wikipedia article on Dowd gives very interesting background to who he is and the journey he has travelled to his current enthusiasm. One of his best known books is Thank God for Evolution which has received acclaim from several  Nobel Laureates.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Samoa holiday

We decided to visit one of our Pacific neighbours for a week's holiday recently. Samoa was a place we had never been to so off we went. We had a wonderful week relaxing at Le Vasa resort (as you will see from photos below!) It was fairly remote from Apia and we didn't have a car so were limited to one half day tour with a driver from the resort. Obviously we didn't do any kind of justice to the whole of Samoa or even the island of Upolu but the local area outside the resort and a trip to the small island of Manono in a local boat gave a taste of village life in Samoa. Of course village life and "resort life" are like two different worlds. However, the resorts and other tourist attractions give much needed work to local people. Our boat driver said that only one family in five in Samoa has someone with a "proper job". That's a very sad statistic if he has his facts right. So - a few photos (of the hundred I took!)
View from our Fale on first morning. (We arrived in the dark the night before.)

Our Fale is the first one on the right.

The open air restaurant

One way to relax!
We spent a lot time in, or by, the pool!

The grounds in the resort

Drinks on the verandah of our Fale

Samoan Pak ' Save!! 

Local shop