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Friday, June 13, 2014

Samoa holiday

We decided to visit one of our Pacific neighbours for a week's holiday recently. Samoa was a place we had never been to so off we went. We had a wonderful week relaxing at Le Vasa resort (as you will see from photos below!) It was fairly remote from Apia and we didn't have a car so were limited to one half day tour with a driver from the resort. Obviously we didn't do any kind of justice to the whole of Samoa or even the island of Upolu but the local area outside the resort and a trip to the small island of Manono in a local boat gave a taste of village life in Samoa. Of course village life and "resort life" are like two different worlds. However, the resorts and other tourist attractions give much needed work to local people. Our boat driver said that only one family in five in Samoa has someone with a "proper job". That's a very sad statistic if he has his facts right. So - a few photos (of the hundred I took!)
View from our Fale on first morning. (We arrived in the dark the night before.)

Our Fale is the first one on the right.

The open air restaurant

One way to relax!
We spent a lot time in, or by, the pool!

The grounds in the resort

Drinks on the verandah of our Fale

Samoan Pak ' Save!! 

Local shop