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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Sorting and packing in readiness to move house reveals how much "stuff" is no longer needed! That's where Freecycle comes in! Thanks to my niece in Australia I heard about this some time ago but have only recently used it. It is a great way to pass on to others things you no longer need. You can also request things you do want and have someone pass them on to you! The aim of the on-line system is to keep things out of landfill. At the same time it generates many great connections between people.

We have given away:

  • two very large pot plants 
  • an old outdoor table 
  • a worm farm 
  • two heaters 
  • a lemon tree in a pot 
  • a filing cabinet 
  • two chests of drawers
  • a small table 
  • … and probably more to come. 

In the process we have met some lovely people who are so grateful for what is on offer:

  • a young couple from UK setting up a flat and starting out with nothing
  • a grandmother wanting to teach her grandchildren about worm farms
  • a solo mum needing a heater
  • a couple whose baby is due any day
  • a woman picking up the old outdoor table for her mother to use feeding doves
We've sold some things on Trade Me too but I have to say the experience with Freecycle has been a lot more straightforward and enjoyable. There are usually several people keen to collect each item and everyone has shown up promptly and with real appreciation. The website is well organized and easy to use. You can join a group in your own geographical area. Check it out - even if you aren't moving house!