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Sunday, November 9, 2014

First impressions

Well here we are - we moved in a week ago and already feel right at home. A few more photos and random first impressions.

  • Three immediate neighbors came to welcome us in the first 24 hours - one with a large bunch of flowers from their garden! The next day we were invited to one of the homes for drinks with all three couples. Lovely people and many laughs - especially as a few more drinks went down. (We stuck to lemon, lime and bitters!)
  • The environment is simply beautiful - lake, estuary walkway and beach (see below).
  • It obviously a friendly, sharing community - (see below).
  • We have unpacked and settled in remarkably quickly. Only a few more boxes to empty.
  • There is still some "giving away and downsizing" to do now that we see what fits where. But that's all fine.
  • We are in for a busy time of entertaining all the family and friends who are keen to visit.
  • We feel enormously blessed and grateful.
     Moving in day. L-R Janet, Gwenyth, Peter, Anthea, Nicky

     Outdoor furniture completed by Matt-in-the-hat! (My hat, he wants you to know!)

     Walking round the lake - things on offer…

    A thoughtful gesture on someone's adjacent lawn.

    This "for sale" bike has been locked to the railing on the estuary walkway for two days at least.

     Orewa Beach

     A wooden seat on the estuary walkway - dedicated to a child who died aged 5 yrs

    Another view of the lake down the walkway from  the house.

     Lounge with flowers from neighbors.

    Dining room end of living area.