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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Shall Not Hate

I am in the process of reading this book. The author was born and raised in a refugee camp in Gaza. He has every right to be pessimistic and to harbor deep resentment (and hatred) for the grinding poverty and human misery that was the context of his life. Yet he tenaciously pursued whatever education he could get, working long hours outside of school to earn money for his family. Now, a world renowned specialist in gynecology and public health, he lives every day for "peace and human dignity" for the people of Gaza. It is heart-wrenching to take in what the people of Gaza have been contending with for so many years. What we hear on the news doesn't begin to describe the day to day reality.

Books (and even movies) rarely bring tears to my eyes but this book does. I don't usually recommend a book until I have finished reading it but I can't wait! All of us who live in such peace and prosperity, with access to health care and education should read this book. If you Google it you will find many links, reviews and a YouTube clip.

I am inspired by the book's title, by Izzeldin's refusal to hate and by his tenacious life of  action towards peace and human dignity. These are things I/we can all do wherever we live. (And if, in any circumstance, we feel our lives are tough this book is a bracing antidote to self-pity!)