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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Precious Life

A few evenings ago we "happened on" a documentary on Maori TV called Precious Life.

  1. "A prominent Israeli journalist documents the struggle of an Israeli pediatrician and a Palestinian mother as they try to get treatment for her baby who suffers from an incurable genetic disease."

    It was a very moving and sobering documentary. It affected me particularly as I have recently read I Shall Not Hate - (see my recent Post here). Towards the end of Precious Life documentary there was footage of the live phone call between the same journalist and the doctor featured in I Shall Not Hate. Minutes after  his three daughters were killed by an Israeli bomb attack he rang his journalist friend in desperate anguish hoping that the news might get out to the wider world of the horror of the Israeli/Gaza conflict.

    Another reason this was such a powerful movie to watch is the parallel between the life of this Palestinian family and the lives of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Like the present day Palestinian family, Jesus' parents had to endure extraordinarily difficult conditions surrounding his birth and later become refugees to escape the terror of a harsh dictator out to kill him.

    There is wonderful hope expressed in both these stories. In the 2000 year old story we know the outcome - death, yes, but also resurrection. And since then millions of people brought to a place of peace through the life and message of the vulnerable babe born to Mary.
    In the contemporary story the Jewish journalist and medical team freely offer their compassion and resources for the Muslim family from Gaza.This stands in stark contrast to the senseless rivalry between their nations and religions. Of course this doesn't resolve the ultimate stalemate between the Israelis and Palestinians. But let's never overlook the power of an unremarkable, poor family to alert us to the fact that every life is precious - and to respond with love and compassion.