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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are we "frogs in boiling water"?

If you had any doubts about the effects of global warming watch this 4 minute You Tube video: Chasing Ice.

Put this alongside the campaign for Divestment of Fossil Fuel energy sources.   Click here for an excellent 3 minute video about GLOBAL DIVESTMENT DAY. February 13 and 14 are the days designated for protests, marches and actions around the world. But if joining (or starting) a group action feels too hard click here for ideas about how to take a small - but easily manageable - step as just one person lobbying for change right here in NZ.

I have to admit that at first I thought "Oh not this time. There are so many good causes, I'll give this one a miss." But when I looked at the ideas on the NZ site  I thought, I can do something - and I did. I've added my name to a letter asking the NZ Super Fund to divest. If we all think "it's too hard" or "I can't be bothered" or "I'm sure others will rise to the challenge"… we are essentially just like the fabled "frogs in slowly boiling water". It is an uncannily apt description!