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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The beauty of small things

Two "small things" attracted my attention today:

While having a coffee in a local cafe I noticed a young woman come and sit beside an elderly lady with very shaky hands who was trying to fill in a crossword puzzle. She so graciously and patiently came alongside and supported the older woman by explaining clues and pointing to the places the letters needed to go. There was no patronising or impatience. It was a truly lovely interchange. As the young woman was the barista I soon gathered that the older woman was her Grandma. A few moments of relationship before getting up to serve the next customer, but definitely not an insignificant "small thing."

In the corner of the garden of our new house is a plant that has suddenly grown a tall black spike.
 Not very attractive. A bit of a mystery to us. But yesterday it began to flower. And when I looked closely at the tiny flowers I was struck by the beauty and delicacy of each one. Walking quickly past  one could miss it, but taking time to look closely at this "small thing" is a cause for wonder.