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Monday, March 16, 2015

Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

On a beautiful sunny Saturday (before the arrival of Cyclone Pam!) we went to the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail near Snells Beach. The written guide suggests allowing an hour to walk the 2km trail. We were happily ambling and enjoying it for two hours! The Glasshouse restaurant at the entrance offers excellent coffee and cabinet food as well as a healthy lunch menu. It makes for a great day out. We enjoyed the variety of "man-made"sculptures (should I be saying "person-made"?!) but also noticed that the natural sculptures of the trees, bush and lake were at times even more alluring. Here are a few impressions:
"Reflective Habitat"

 "Aphasia" (confusion of speech disability)

Mahoe leaf (several of these in the bush in varied colours)

"Choice" (and can you see the spider web?!)

Several of these quirky road signs. I liked this one!

The wonderful Kauri Climb path with red gates at several points along the way.
The colours and patterns of the Kauri are wonderful!

The gates have Tibetan Bells to ring as you climb.

At the top of the Kauri Climb is "Listen-Stop" - pairs of different sized "ear-horns" which allow you to hear the music of the forest in different tones.

And back to the beginning - a reflective view from the Glasshouse restaurant.