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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Concentric Circle Elegy

In the final week of the Lent retreat we were asked to write an elegy, a poem about how we would like to be remembered. It was a surprisingly hard thing to do. It felt somehow wrong to be celebrating my own life rather than waiting for someone else to do it after I died! It was a humbling thing to do. It gave rise to great gratitude to God for all that my very blessed life has enabled me to be and do. It was also a powerful reminder that how I live now will probably be how I will be remembered. Here's what I wrote - and I encourage you to write your own!

She was a quiet child
often at home, unwell
with books as her companions.
Yet remembered now 
as a pioneer, a risk taker
and a writer of books!

People often commented 
on her smiling eyes and 
safely welcoming presence - 
gifts that grew into
decades of soul companioning.

She was a creative teacher
first of children, later of adults.
Always looking for ways
to make learning fun
and deep at the same time.

"Concentric Circles of Faith" 
is how she describes her journey.
The ripples growing wider each year
evolving constantly into
the endless expanse
of Infinite Love.