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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A moment of pure joy!

As I was walking around the lake this morning a man and his toddler daughter were walking towards me. When the little girl saw me she starting running towards me holding out her arms to be picked up! I caught her in full flight and scooped her up, asking her Dad if that was OK. He was fine with that and we stopped and chatted of course. The little girl was snuggling into my arms and pointing out the ducks and dogs (calling them all bow wow!) Dad told me she probably thought I was someone else - but that didn't spoil my enjoyment! He and his wife and daughter are from India and go to a church near here where an older woman has befriended them. Apparently I look like her. After I passed Elis back to her Daddy she reached back towards me and wanted one more cuddle. Elis was wearing a hand knitted cardigan and matching cap - obviously a much loved child who is secure enough to give and receive love freely. A beautiful start to my day!