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Monday, July 20, 2015

Film festival - Marie's Story

I've just come home from seeing this Auckland Film Festival movie. It was inspirational.
Marie's Story
"Marie Heurtin
Jean-Pierre Améris
Education and divine mission drive this 19th-century French pastoral drama: the true story of deaf-blind Marie Heurtin. Her life transforms with the discovery of language, due to the incredible persistence of a Catholic nun."

In some ways Marie's story similar to the story of Helen Keller (but much less well known.) It is an intense and challenging movie that leaves me so, so grateful for both sight and hearing. What is the world like when you can't see or hear? How trivial some my complaints and grumbles seem...

Another challenge was the commitment of Sister Marguerite - who could so easily have given up! I wonder if I would have hung in through all the discouragements? To be honest I doubt it.

I am interested in sign language as we have translators (i.e. people who translate into sign language) at some our church services now. It is a whole new language to learn - and a beautiful one to watch even for those of us who can hear! But what an extra challenge to bring communication and language to someone who can't see signs! 

If you can't get to a Film Festival showing let's hope this excellent movie comes back to main theatres later.