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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Heaven is in Kigali, Rwanda

I wish the news featured the wonderful good news stories like this!  

"Many of the world's humanitarian efforts have been focused on Africa. How can those in emerging economies not just survive but thrive? And can a country with scars as deep as Rwanda's be healed? The were just some of the questions dangled tantalisingly in front of newlyweds Josh and Alissa Ruskin at a party on a Manhattan rooftop. Could they really make a difference in a country with such a troubled recent history? They had no idea but got on a plane anyway, determined to try.
... In New York City Josh and Alissa never could have imagined that their path to making a difference would lead not just to fields and clinics but to a kitchen and the best guacamole in Africa. Helping Rwandans create their own success, they have put in place a lasting model for achievement. Their efforts are deeply emblematic of the entire nation's stunning progress during the last two decades. Rwanda is today a country that proudly sees an end to poverty on the horizon and has, against all odds, moved from tragedy to triumph." - from the cover blurb

This is one of the most inspiring books I've read in a long time. By the way, "Heaven" is the name of the restaurant Alissa set up as part of their enterprising way of creating new avenues of skill and employment for local people. 

Read the book if you can. And/or take a look at the website here.