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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Light and shadows

I went for a brisk walk on the beach this morning. It was one of those changeable days where it could be pelting with rain one minute and beautifully sunny the next. The clouds overhead created sharp lines between light and shadow.

I was reflecting as I walked how life is like that - joy and sadness, celebration and tragedy, passing moods of elation and desolation...

I noticed a police tape across the far end of the beach where I was headed. As I got closer a young Mum with a baby in the pram came towards me and said, "Just letting you know someone has just jumped from the lookout onto the rocks. You might not want to go any closer."

Life and death, beauty and tragedy... I walked back on the path above the beach praying for the family of the person who jumped and very aware of the steps, circumstances and choices that so quickly lead from sunshine to shadow.