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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just Mercy

An amazing and harrowing book. Bryan Stevenson as a young black lawyer takes on the American "justice" system which proves to be almost unbelievably unjust for people of colour, the poor, juveniles etc. Through his years of passionate work (which continues today) he saves countless lives. In a literal sense he saves people from the death penalty. And in many more cases he saves people from "life in prison until you die". The story of Walter McMillan - an innocent man on death row - provides the main thread throughout the book but intervening chapters cover many other cases. During his years of work he set up the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) which can be found online here.

A very inspiring but challenging book!

I looked up the EJI webpage and watched the five minute clip:
Bryan Stevenson: Ending the Politics of Fear and Anger | Equal Justice Initiative
Although Stevenson is talking about the USA scene the central principles about a politics of fear and anger apply just as much to our own country.