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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Perth holiday Part 2: The Pinnacles

One of the delightful things about our holiday was an unexpected change of plan. We had booked three nights at New Norcia but decided we'd seen everything after two days so we moved on to visit The Pinnacles and spend one night in a motel in nearby Cervantes.
The Pinnacles are large rock formations in a huge area of desert with a 4km road track and a 1.7 walking track. They are believed to have formed 500,000 years ago and been repeatedly covered by sand and then exposed again in the changing weather patterns. The day we went there had been a tropical downpour and the skies remained dark as we wandered round but fortunately no rain!

We stayed until sunset and were fortunate to see two kangaroos leaping past us as well as the setting sunlight on the Pinnacles.

Note the guidepost! It was very important to always see the next post before wandering off and getting lost!