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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rules for teachers in 1915! (and a thumbs up for MOTAT)

Aren't you glad you weren't a primary school teacher in 1915:
This photo was taken in the old school house at MOTAT (Western Springs, Auckland). If you are in Auckland and haven't been to MOTAT in many years (or ever) it is worth a visit. We went this week and had a great time for three hours. Look up the website to see the various things on offer. I was impressed at how it is equally enjoyable for children, teenagers and adults. Gold Card holders get in free. I can see why - people of a certain age (like me!) spend a lot of time reminiscing: "I remember when it was like that..." It's good to go with a friend if you aren't taking children. That way you can try out all the interactive things together. There is a very good cafe, an ice-cream shop and plenty of picnic tables in shady spots for your own picnic.