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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hmm I’ve been caught out re the fasting thing! One of today's challenges was to fast from one meal and use the time to pray. The accompanying scripture speaks of Jesus “being very hungry” after his time of temptation in the wilderness.

So I decided that I would fast from breakfast and extend the time I normally set aside for prayer in the morning.

What do I really know about being “very hungry”? Almost nothing. In my prayer and throughout the morning I kept thinking about hungry children and the agony for mothers who have nothing to offer them. My minimal pangs of hunger didn’t even begin to compare. Besides I knew that in my lunch hour I could eat as much as I wanted.

When 12.30 came I almost felt guilty about having lunch! I certainly ate no more than I normally would. And would you believe the one letter in my mail-box was a heartfelt thank you from an organization I support for giving hope to a family in Kenya. “When we first met Mercy [mother] the toll of malnutrition was showing in little Lewis – crying because of his hunger, a lack of energy, stunted growth. And the worry was plain to see in Mercy’s face.” 
Now Lewis is able to go to school and Mercy has been given help to grow a garden with nutritious vegetables to add to his porridge.

It has been a very meaningful day. It certainly made a difference to my “fasting” that I was specifically identifying with so many others who have no choice at all about living through many mealtimes without food.