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Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time

When I was teaching at Henderson Intermediate school in the late 1960's I read this book aloud to my class. It struck me then what an amazing story it was - and still is.

I have just seen the movie. Wow! It is an intense journey through science, time travel, psychology, love, commitment and the many pitfalls of growing up. The story line grips you from the start and you so much want Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin to see what is true, follow the light and not get separated.

I don't think the trailer really does it justice. Go and see the movie! I've just happened upon a very damning review - but I also read a very glowing review in our local paper - so make up your own mind.

This movie is just as appropriate for adults as for older children and teens. The family dynamics and why it is that Meg and Charles Wallace's father has disappeared is food for thought for any family.

I have just discovered that L'Engle wrote several other book following on from this one. They are on my "want to read" list.