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Monday, May 28, 2018


I found this poem very thought provoking and moving. To hear it read aloud by its writer and see it in its original context - the Blog Brain Pickings - click here.

by Marie Howe

(after Stephen Hawking)

Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularity
we once were?

so compact nobody
needed a bed, or food or money —

nobody hiding in the school bathroom
or home alone

pulling open the drawer
where the pills are kept.

For every atom belonging to me as good
Belongs to you. Remember?

There was no Nature. No
them. No tests

to determine if the elephant
grieves her calf or if

the coral reef feels pain. Trashed
oceans don’t speak English or Farsi or French;

would that we could wake up to what we were
— when we were ocean and before that

to when sky was earth, and animal was energy, and rock was
liquid and stars were space and space was not

at all — nothing

before we came to believe humans were so important
before this awful loneliness.

Can molecules recall it?
what once was? before anything happened?

No I, no We, no one. No was
No verb no noun
only a tiny tiny dot brimming with

is is is is is

All everything home

This YouTube clip doesn't say  exactly the same thing but is similarly profound and challenging to our usual perspectives.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Inspiration and Joy

I read a lot! The books I like best are those that bring inspiration, challenge and motivation towards are more courageous and joyful life. (It takes courage to be joyful sometimes.)

I happened upon this inspiring book recently in our local library:

"A powerful, emotional memoir and an extraordinary portrait of three generations of Tibetan women whose lives are forever changed when Chairman Mao’s Red Army crushes Tibetan independence, sending a young mother and her six-year-old daughter on a treacherous journey across the snowy Himalayas toward freedom." I was truly inspired by all three women in the different challenges and risks of each of their lives. I gave it five stars!

I've mentioned this book on my Blog before (click here):
This morning I decided to start re-reading it. The connection between the two books is interesting. Everyone featured in both books faces great challenges which can, and do, bring heartache, devastation and loss. Yet all in their own way face "life as it is" with courage and draw on spiritual practices that anchor them in a deeper reality. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Morning walk...

Feeling grateful for the peaceful expanse of beauty to start the day.

Marvelling at houses built on crazily tilting cliffs!

Glad that I didn't ever meet this jellyfish while swimming!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Family Collage

Large photo l-r: Tanya, Carla, Sarah, Marty, Merrie, Morgan
Side top to bottom: Peter and Merrie, The four of us, Merrie and Marty.
Bottom l-r: Andrew and Sheila, Sheila and niece Sarah, Merrie and Marty

Casual family brunch next day! 
Johan, Tanya, Nicky.  Andrew, Lynn, Sheila
Andrew, Lynn. Marty, Merrie, Peter.